The men and women listed here work hard for the association. These people put in many long hours, take time off work, and cooperate and collaborate with our lobbyist, the DNR, member clubs, and individual association members to accomplish our goals. Learn who your leadership is, what they do, and where they come from.

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President2016 - 2018
Name: Rick Langness 
Occupation: Equipment Technician - Wells Fargo 
Hometown: Maplewood, MN 
Beginning: Since the beginning 1987 I was the first Membership Secretary 

I first got into offroading riding with my cousin who was a member of the MN Go-4 Wheelers and became a member in 1985. One of my cousin's offroading friends was Mike Sullivan who with others would go all over both MN and WI. When the idea of starting the MN4WDA came up I was asked to be the Membership Secretary as I had a computer and knew spreadsheets.

During the 1990 I had to step back from MN4WDA officer positions as I traveled for work a lot, I took over the President's position in November 2011 as there was no one in the position and when I talked to leaders in the community they pointed that out to me more times that I'd like to count.

The MN4WDA is currently poised to make sure there are more trails added and our voice is being heard as we have more projects happening or about to start than we ever had at one time. This is due to people stepping up and taking on responsibilities like Public Relations, Web-Master, Land Use, and many others. Where are we going from here? Now that we have learned not to wait on DNR Centural Office to assist, but to go make our own contacts local DNR and local government, I believe we'll get more trails completed outstate and create Play/Test areas in the metro area.

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Vice-President2015 - 2017
Membership Director / CRTU Board Member 
Name: Geoffrey W O'Brien 
Occupation: Prototype Tool Maker 
Hometown: Rochester, MN 
Beginning: Started about 7 years ago. 

Involved with the sport since 2003, I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast and ORV user since first getting hooked on the off-road lifestyle. I have been Involved with almost every aspect of the sport from recreational 4 wheeling, camping and traveling with friends, being a member of off-road clubs, participating in competitions, building trails and working with Minnesota DNR, to lobbying and volunteering on behalf of other 4 wheel drive enthusiasts. I enjoy this lifestyle, the good friends, the experiences, and the joy that off-roading has brought into my life.

As the Current Vice President of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA) I am active in promoting and Lobbying for ORV users and trails in the state of Minnesota. Since 2009 I have been the Rochester Rough Riders and MN4WDA ORV representative for the Houston, MN GIA OHV trail system project. I enjoy working on ORV Trail systems across Minnesota and look forward to the future of our recreational hobby.

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Secretary2016 - 2018
Name: Craig Peters 
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer 
Hometown: Oak Grove, MN 
Beginning: Started attending meetings around 2007 as an individual member to learn more about the association & where to wheel. 

I have been into anything with a motor since before I had my license. A friend invited me to Dresser in 2007 with my lifted plow truck, I quickly learned it is not a good idea to wheel a plow truck. From that trip I was hooked. For the next outing I had a 1977 F150 4x4 with a 460 & 38's & wheeled that for several years at Gilbert, Dresser, Apple Valley Farms, Appleton & at Toys for Tots. I learned a lot from that truck & built a 1995 Extended Cab F150 with a fuel injected 460, doubler,one ton axles, etc. The extended cab is nice so that I can bring friends along & their kids to get the next generation into wheeling. Currently wheeling truck #3 is slowing being built to be better yet, full-size bodied vehicles don't stay nice wheeling with Jeeps & buggies.

This group is a great bunch of people to know, they are always willing to lend a hand. This group has a great future, with new opportunities on the horizon. It talks all of us to work together to promote this sport & makes sure everyone wheels responsibly.

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Treasurer2016 - 2018
Name: Bruce Gunderson 
Occupation: Auto Parts Delivery 
Hometown: Ramsey, MN 
Beginning: Started in 2001 

My interest in Jeeps began when I "borrowed" (my term) the Wing Commander's Jeep for a day while stationed in Thailand. I eventually bought my own Jeep in 2000 and looked for a club to join to show me how to off road. I settled on the Go 4 Wheelers after recalling their logo on the side of the Jeep that flat-towed me off the Donnybrooke race track. My Jeep was "show-room stock" for about a year and then I grew tired of getting strapped off of obstacles. Today, the seats remain stock; all enhancements have been bolt-on.

I think my involvement with the Drive Association began when I was elected as Club Delegate to the Association. I like the direction the Association is headed in. We're not just technical trails, but we're looking at touring trails as well. And community involvement goes a long way in improving our image; the parades, clean-ups, the charitable fund raisers all get our name out there.

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Land Use2016 - 2018
Name: Tony Kieffer 
Occupation: Financial Advisor 
Hometown: Minnetonka, MN 
Beginning: My dad purchased a Land Rover when I was in high school, immediately I was hooked. We would explore many of the trails in the Foothills state forest in Cass County and later with the MN Land Rovers. 

Currently I live in Minnetonka with my wife Shauna and our daughter Annika. A former president of MN Land Rovers and founding member of MN Overland, I enjoy loading up the truck to get back off the beaten path further than most would wish to travel. This has driven my interest in land use and desire to see a greater network of trails opened up. I would love to see something like what the ATVs and snowmobiles have.

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Public Relations2015 - 2017
Social Media 
Name: Tim Schulze 
Occupation: Product Manager Assistant - Kuryakyn R&D 
Hometown: St Paul, MN 
Beginning: My First term with the MN4WDA, I was elected May 2015, I was making lots of social media suggestions and they said your our guy, So here I am.  

I’m old as dirt, I love Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly kittens, YES THEY ARE REAL, sometimes you just need one. Long walks on the beach and people that make me laugh. I started wheeling with the Dinosaurs back in the 80’s with a big mud truck. I think its been fossilized in some mud hole somewhere.

Went Road Racing through the 90’s and early 2000’s. Had my one son Nick and started Wheeling again with a TJ in 2009. Surfing the web found a few Facebook pages, Made some new friends and started the North Star Jeep club in 2014. Started to go to MN4WDA meeting to keep our club informed and became a member. My son and I also enjoy Video Games, RC scale Trucks and Cars and Riding motorcycles and bicycles.

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Board Member2016 - 2018
Name: Andy Gladen 

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Board Member2016 - 2018
Name: Jeff Wendt 
Occupation: Asphalt Plant Manager 
Hometown: Bloomington, MN 
Beginning: ~20 years, since MN4WDA began, 2 previous terms on Board 

Started with monster trucks then got into ruff truck racing before I got into off-roading. I have been involved with the organization from the start when my club (Dakota Dirt Diggers) joined. In the future, I hope we are able to get better trails and more public areas to wheel.

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Board Member2016 - 2018
Name: Katie Nelton 
Occupation: Technical Specialist II, Special Coagulation Laboratory, Mayo Clinic 
Hometown: Saint Charles, MN 
Beginning: Truly active since 2012 as a Board Member.  Prior to that I was active within a couple of clubs. 

My Husband (Mike) and I entered this sport together back in 2005. He had a few friends that had exposed him to wheeling/mud racing; I was along for the ride. We got the Samurai and built it up and have never looked back. In the years that have past there have been great adventures. The best part is that every time we go out there is a great sense of community and family within the ORV enthusiast group.

My involvement with the MN4WDA started when my club elected me as the "club delegate". I started to attend the Association meetings and found very quickly that they were in need of representation. I was elected as a Board Member in 2012 and have been learning ever since.

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Board Member2015 - 2017
Name: Eric Crist 
Occupation: Computer System Engineer, St Jude Medical 
Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN 
Beginning: Started going to meetings in about 2010, been wheeling since about 2007. 

Started wheeling when I was 19 in the corner of a corn field where there was a low spot. As I got older, I grew out of driving through mud and started going to Gilbert, Dresser, and Appleton with a friend. I don't actually own a rig of my own.

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Board Member2015 - 2017
Name: Dave Beer 

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Board Member2015 - 2017
Name: Doug Peterson 

I joined Team MUDD right out of high school where mud trucks were the cool thing. Big tires, big motors and big mud holes. I went to Dresser my first time in 1995 and that changed everything. I got my first job building lifted trucks shortly after and have continued to build and Offroad ever since. Now I have a family that enjoys off-roading. My parents, my children, and one day my grandchildren will be out on the trails as a family. That is why I became involved with the MN4WDA association. To keep this sport and its legacy alive and growing for years to come.

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Membership Director + Spring Convention Planning 
Name: Morgan Wendt 
Occupation: Student 
Hometown: Prior Lake, MN 
Beginning: About 10 years ago. 

I've been wheeling with my dad since I was about 7 or 8. When I turned 16, he gave me his Jeep because he built a new rig, and it has become my baby. I've been a member of the MN4WDA since I started wheeling, but became active once I got my jeep.

I began working at an official capacity while planning the 2015 spring convention and have been involved ever since. In the future, I would like to see young people like myself take more interest in the association, and I would like to see the association continue to grow and provide great opportunities for its members.